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Welcome to Mixed Nuts Productions, the home of Living in 8 Bits, No Footing, Films, Music Videos, and other fun and exciting stuff. Currently, we are looking to have our website redesigned. In the meantime, check out our projects via our Facebook Page, and YouTube Playlists - Living in 8 Bits, Nerd vs Geek, No Footing. Films, Music Videos

Living in 8 Bits is our sketch comedy web series based on the loveable world of old school gaming. Become a fan of Living in 8 Bits on Facebook, follow it on Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for new episodes and videos. The series is affiliated with RetrowareTV and has also been featured on ScrewAttack, Cinemassacre, That Guy with the Glasses, Gamester81, Cinevore, Geekadelphia, and Blip.

Our independent feature film No Footing is available to view on YouTube. All Madison wanted to be was an artist. Fresh out of college, stuck in a dead end job, her relationships crumbling around her, and a complete lack of inspiration to aspire for more, Madison attempts to jump start her career and get her life started. For more information, behind the scenes, video blogs, and history of the production, go to
We provided the cinematography and editing on Cinevore's web series Nerd vs Geek. 3 awkward social circles - a Mensa chapter, a gaming group & a theater company - merge after their leaders become Craigslist roommates. The 12 episode first season is available on YouTube with a DVD coming soon . View the first season trailer and like NvG on Facebook.

CONNIE is a short film produced with J. Jobin Films. An abused, introverted, and terrified housewife drastically changes everything when she meets the love of her life. The film is currently being submitted to film festivals. For information about the film, like it on Facebook and follow on Twitter.
We were part of the editing team for the Angry Video Game Nerd Movie. For updates on the film's production status, release, and other information, go to A big thank you to James Rolfe and the entire Cinemassacre team for this exciting opportunity.
We were part of the production team for 4 video game related short films that Cinevore Studios was commissioned to produce by Red 5 Studios and Stage5TV's' The Continnum. All 4 films are available to view on YouTube - Dialogue Tree, Supervillain Security Solutions, Limit Break, and Biohazards.